Dr Moussa Konate Burned Ebola Meds

We bought you a Christmas gift.  It’s a one- way ticket to Freetown Sierra Leone, but don’t be ungrateful.  Ebola has ravished the land of supreme beings.    Over 350 healthcare workers, and 15 certified physicians traded their lives in effort to save others’.   We can’t help but wonder if  Dr. Moussa Konate profited from the suspicious fire that destroyed MILLIONS of  aide supplies.  Guinea flames at Conakry airport roasted donated medicine crucial to fighting Ebola.  A senior physician succumb to the fire!  Everything from rubber gloves to ambulance vans poured into West Africa.  Some say it’s a conspiracy.  Nearly 7000 Africans have died so far, but Ebola has sickened almost 20,000.  What do you think?