@KingGoldChains Drake Fukkin Yo Bitch

If Bruce Jenner dies, Kylie Jenner would definitely be the hottest Kardashian.  Tyga is quickly losing celebrity, drenched in cheating streaks, and gay scandals.  The Kardashian family is pressuring Kylie to dump Tyga for someone more popular with more cash.  Justin Bieber is cool, but he’s already smashed both Kourtney and Kendall.  Drake, and Kris Jenner, however, have been friends for a very long time.

Tyga  publicly dissed Drake, despite they’re Young Money Cash Money Billionaires brotherhood.  Drake is giggly with Grammy nominations, while Tyga fights his urge to fork transgender model, Mia Isabella, without protection.  Drake dissed Nicki Minaj fiance, Meek Mill, so hard- fans refunded his album on iTunes.  Drizzy obviously had something much more back breaking for tranney loving Tyga.  Hollywood sources EXCLUSIVELY blabbed to @HollyweirdTimes:

“Tyga has gotten replaced.  He begs for too much money, and his rap career is dead.  Kylie Jenner is secretly dating Drake,  It’s not too serious, but they’re definitely friends with benefits.”

Kylie wants Tyga to have success like Drake, but that will just make him a bigger cheater.

“Kylie’s Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl, but she wants more than that,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She wants her and Tyga to be Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple, just like Kim and Kanye. The only reason she compared him to Drake was because of the success of their mix tapes. When Drake dropped If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, it caught everybody by surprise and it was the most-talked about tape for a week after that. Drake had killer tracks on the mix and Kylie knew every word to ‘Know Yourself’ the day after it dropped. Kylie just wants Tyga to be on and poppin’ like Drake, and sitting on top of the game. That’s why she made the comparison — to put a fire under his ass, and make him hit the studio harder.”