Draya Michele Finally Admits Truth About Baby Daddy – Video

Now we finally understand Laura Govan’s disdain for Basketball Wives LA thottie- Draya Michele.  In the season premier, we instantly smelled beef on Govan’s breath.  We assumed Govan was just jealous of Draya’s youth, and body.  Now Draya’s only son (the one she abandoned and left pissy and hungry, while she prostituted to attain Hollyweird fame) is beginning to look a lot like Gilbert Arenas.  NBA star, Gilbert, is Laura Govan’s long-time love.  They’ve known each other since 2000, and share a bunch of kids.  Laura Govan sold her soul and happiness, for a load of STDs.  Gilbert Arenas accused Laura of being a gold – digger.  Laura claims Gil is a dead beat who complains and penny pinches finances for the kids.  The love triangle is getting ugly.  Draya ain’t said a word.  Is it because she’s afraid Gilbert will send goons to beat her up again, and break her nose?  Gilbert already admitted smashing Draya, but claims the kid is not his son.
Gilbert poked a sleeping bear when he blasted Govan.  She clapped back in a leaked email, and all hell broke loose.  Is Draya hiding a secret?  Who is her son’s father?

Laura Govan’s email stated, “I also fail to mention how you lied about Draya and all that drama situation and her baby! Then you turn around and have her Beat Up in her apartment! Broken Nose & All!”

CLICK HERE TO READ Laura Govan’s full confession about her and Arenas love triangle.   She says he smashed her family members, and the nanny too.

Watch Basketball Wives LA Season 1 (Ep 2) below.  Watch how Draya Michele sashays into the limelight and steals the show at 9:50.  In the paintball challenge, new girl, Draya Michele, was the last man standing.