Drive By Shootings In Kansas City – Graphic Video

An Angeleno obviously escaped gang ties in Watts, because Kansas City has been bombarded with road shootings.  People would rather be duped through another Kardashian wedding than drive near Highway 71, and Interstates 435 and 470.  Over 12 random highway shootings have occurred within a few short weeks.  Residents are terrified, and wonder if a Blood or Crip has infiltrated their peaceful living.  Or maybe it’s a biker gang starting all the ruckus?

Thankfully, nobody has been fatally injured.  It’s only a matter of time, since authorities have yet to capture the culprit. Somebody is skipping  barbecues, and casinos, attempting to murder innocent people.  Cops say all the shootings are connected.

Certainly people from California aren’t the only ones prone to drive-by shootings.  This sort of random violence isn’t popular in Kansas City, Missouri.   Or is it?

Is this violence from within?  Or, did a Dodger fan take his vengeance to Kansas City?