Dog Chapman Wife @MrsdogC Called Cops On Her Own Daughter

Duane Dog Chapman let his TV fortune turn him into a crack head, but he’s always been a racist.  Dog is happy his step daughter, Nicole Gillespie, is facing jail time for bank robbery.  She threw him under the bus, and told tabloids how his drug abuse led to her being raped.

“I was visiting Dog in Kona and he arranged for a friend of his, who I knew as one of his crack dealers, to drive me back to the airport,” she said.  “Instead, the guy pulled into Kona Seaside Hotel.  When I asked what was he doing, he said, ‘I paid Dog, now you’re going to pay me!'”

Beth Chapman

Dog Chapman could care less if Nicole is homeless, and on bond for 2nd degree robbery.  He feels like it’s karma biting her in the ass for lying.  Rumors claim Chapman’s wife, Beth, actually ratted Nicole out to authorities.  Even Dog’s ex, Tawny Marie Chapman, knows he pimped Nicole out to settle a drug debt.  Duane Dog Chapman and wife Beth, labeled Nicole crazy.  Did Nicole Gillespie think she’d get away with robbing Territorial Savings Bank?  Although they’re happily refusing to contribute a dime to Nicole’s defense, the crack smoking, dog hunters, released a statement:

“We have not seen Nickie in over 10 years.  Watching her on CrimeStoppers left us all shocked and heartbroken.”

Could the TV bounty hunter’s dope addiction convince him to pimp his own step-daughter?

 democraticunderground– Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman’s son has spilled the beans on his father to The National Enquirer and it isn’t pretty. Dog’s oldest son Christopher, 34, says “The Dog that people see on TV is nothing like he is in real life. He’s a monster – a violent, racist tyrant who smokes crack.”

Chris goes on to say that his father introduced him to smoking crack and eventually crystal meth. He says “It turns my stomach to see him lecture people on not using drugs when he’s the biggest drug user I ever saw. When he woke up after a crack binge he’d get violent with Beth and me and the other kids. The violence in that house was incredible – like a hillbilly trailer park.” Chris also claims his father is a bigot who hates blacks and gays.