How Ebola Killed Thomas Eric Duncan

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Sept 19: Duncan flies out of Monrovia, Liberia

Sept 20: Lands in Dallas, Texas, after changing

Sept 24: Duncan starts experiencing symptoms

Sept 25: Goes to Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas – but is sent home

Sept 25-27: Symptoms worsen at home

Sept 28: Duncan taken to hospital after vomiting. CDC warned of possible Ebola case

Sept 29: Beset by projectile vomiting and diarrhea, Duncan asks to be put in a diaper

Sept 30: CDC confirms Ebola diagnosis

Oct 1: Sepsis sets in – but Duncan tries to stay upbeat, asking to watch a movie. He asks to eat solid food, but changes his mind. 

Oct 2: He asks for food, eats a few saltine crackers and a mouthful of Sprite. But blood is appears in his urine; he is given stronger drugs

Oct 3: Doctors request experimental drug brincidofovir as Duncan keeps worsening

Oct 4: Duncan has multiple organ failure. New drug arrives and he is given it

Oct 6: Duncan’s family, including his mother, come to visit him. His face is described as ‘like a mask’, some say he looks dead already

Oct 7: Family continue to watch Duncan via close-circuit cameras

Oct 8: Early in the morning Duncan’s heartrate slows to less than 50 beats per minute.

At 7:51am he is pronounced dead 

Detailed accounts of Duncan’s final days, and diaper request HERE.