Eboni Nichols King Latifah Jeanette Jenkins Love Triangle

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Eboni Nichols is quietly engaged to Dana Owens.  Jeanette Jenkins has been miserable every since.  Her 6th sense begged her not to trust Eboni.  Nichols and Queen Latifah pretended to be ‘just friends’, but Jeanette never trusted the hoe.

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Jenkins has appeared multiple times on Queen Latifah’s daytime talk show.  The health guru, and celebrity trainer, encouraged fans with her Get Healthy Challenge.  Jeanette Jenkins was unfamiliar with lesbian love making until she met Queen Latifah.  They bonded over exotic foods, and expensive cigars.  Jenkins, and Latifah were respected business associates, and partners in love.  They bought a Hollywood Hills home together in 09.  The home is over 2000 square feet, and shrouded in palm trees to block paparazzi.  Latifah’s showmance intensified when she guess starred on Dancing With The Stars.  Nichols choreographed Dana’s routine.  They’ve been bumping cats every since.  Now the bed once shared with Jeanette Jenkins is up for sale.

Eboni Nichols plotted everything from day 1.  King Latifah is much more than a TV & record producer.  She is a Grammy winning singer, song writer, and rapper.  If Queen can eat poochie like she beat box…but that ain’t none of our business.  Dana is also Eboni’s first girlfriend.  Rumors claim Nichols will twerk until she’s blue to be married into Owen’s A-List lifestyle.