Ed McMahon Wife Pam – Skid Row Bound

Look up ‘struggle’ in the dictionary, and you’ll likely spot Pam McMahon.  Ed flaunted around Tinseltown, like he was the richest man alive.  When he was alive, he really was.  His much younger, 3rd wife, Pam struck gold- or so she thought.  Ed McMahon is a Tonight Show legend.  Naturally everyone assumed his pockets matched his ego.  Seconds after his death, Mrs.  McMahon found herself panhandling in the same Beverly Hills streets, she’d showmanced in.  The bank forclosed the house, and the dog.  Pam’s Star Search left her broke, and homeless.  Everyone knew Ed squandered millions.  He balled harder than Diddy!  The rest was wasted on Gucci divorces.  Pam McMahon moved her exquisite furniture, and Fashion Week linens, from one friend’s house, to another.  Once he discovered his cancer, Ed began ignoring mortgage payments on his 7 bed room, 5 bath, dream house.  Nobody knows where Pam is now.  The banks took everything she’d forked for.  Insiders swear they saw her smoking in a tent city on skid row.