Eddie Cibrian Humiliated! LeAnn Rimes Disrupts Opry Goes Pink Event With Reality Show Cameras (Photo- Video)

No one knows how to snatch a woman’s family, and rub it in their face, like LeAnn Rimes.  She begs the media to push past her home wrecking ways, and focus on her dissolving career.  Just when we all got distracted  by the racial, and social divide over Obamacare, she tweets a picture of this:LeAnn Rimes, Twit Pic

Ugh.  We just wish the fugly country bumpkin wasn’t so talented.  We can list a million reasons why we refer to Rimes as ‘Flea-Ann’, but we cannot hate on her vocal chops or her ability to entertain.

The Grand Ole Opry  supported breast cancer this year, by allowing LeAnn Rimes to flip the switch (turning everything several shades of pink).  She performed her new song “Spit Fire”.


Cameras were following Rimes for the upcoming VH1 reality show that will give viewers a look inside the singer’s home – including life with husband Eddie Cibrian. The singer said she has actually enjoyed the experience.

“They’re not following us around 24/7, which is great. We kind of have control over what you see, which is a good thing. We really let people into a part of us that is not normally portrayed in the tabloids. There has been such a skewed version of who we are and what our story is. It’s been long enough that we’ve had plenty of time to heal and move forward. It’s time to laugh now. If people knew how not seriously we took ourselves, which I think will come across in the show. We touch on some heavy topics, but we have a lot of fun and try to find the humor in everything – which is who Eddie and I are. You get to see all the aspects of our life that you wouldn’t normally see, which I guess I’m used to. Though, we have such a great crew that we’re working with that I don’t mind them being around. It’s a lot of fun. It’s been good.”

Are you even surprised the attention junkie brought her reality show camera crew along to the show?  Was that classless, or just typical Hollyweird?  Do you think Eddie Cibrian was embarrassed?  Was the event dedicated to breast cancer, or wife swaps?

Whether country music fan, or reality television glutton, check out LeAnn ‘Flea-Ann’ Rimes hot new music below.