Eliza Dragne Raped & Stabbed To Death By Married Man She Met On Facebook

Nicu Alin Cristea  smoothed talked Eliza over Facebook.  How was she supposed to know he was secretly married?  She dolled herself up, and was excited to meet this handsome Facebook stranger.  Nicu picked her up, but instead of heading to the local bar- he took her to a remote spot near Alexandria, southern Romanian.  Eliza Dragne was viciously beaten and raped in the haunted woods.  Nicu strangled the young tender, and repeatedly stabbed her in the neck with a screwdriver.  He snatched her phone, logged in her Facebook account, and deleted all their corresponding messages.  Then he left her to die.

Eliza wasn’t dead.  She drug her naked, bloodied body 2 hours to the main road.  Prayers to the passing driver who spotted her, and called police.  Eliza’s injuries were so brutal, they needed air ambulance.  She gurgled Cristea’s identity before she died.  When authorities  closed in on Nicu Alin Cristea, he denied even knowing Dragne.  He was busy in the middle of a one month anniversary party with his wife, Elena.  Hopefully they run his DNA.  This sadist has likely killed before.