Elizabeth Lazaro Shares Steps To Being A Boss Project Manager

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Project Managers are expected to manage projects from beginning to end.  At the end of the project they are expected to deliver a product or service to their team or client.  Over the years, I’ve observed that one of the common attributes of top performing project managers is that they are adept at planning the work to be done in a schedule management tool like Microsoft Project or Project Server.  I’ve also observed that top performing project managers will always insist on bringing a scheduling or project server expert on board for the purpose of assisting them.

Why? Because today’s project manager is expected to roll up their sleeves and write code/policy/briefs/presentations, move boxes, adjust the budget, get approval for changes, host lunch, observe quality reviews, whistle Dixie, sign-off on corrective actions, control risks, change diapers, escalate issues and keep employees and clients happy at the same time.

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