Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Hint At Divorce

$55 million was a penny in the ocean  to Napster’s, Sean Parker.  Taking advantage of Ellen’s broken marriage, he swindled her out of a blowjob, and her Westside trophy house.  Ellen DeGeneres has obviously grown disgusted with eating leftover sushi.  Everybody from Inglewood to the Pacific Palisades say she’s ditching Portia de Rossi.

The fact that Ellen is relinquishing her assets doesn’t help the rumors.  This home was a gift for Portia.  It sits on 2.3 acres, and has floor to ceiling glass walls.  Ellen purchased the home in 2013, after Telepictures renewed her contract.  Now friends and family are beginning to wonder if Botox injections are affecting their brains.  Has Portia given up trying to compete with Ellen?  What does Portia want?  Our sources say Ellen promised Portia de Rossi her own show, and shot at super stardom.  That hasn’t happened yet.