The Emancipation of Kat Stacks

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While we lollygag thru the West Coast, scrounging until our EBT is reactivated- Katt Stacks remains a major key in pop culture.  She’s gone viral for getting beat up and degraded by Hollyweird’s most powerful players.  When Kat isn’t being referenced in hip hop jingles or destroying marriages- she’s sucking somebody baby daddy cock.Kat Stacks road to Hollyweird is most unconventional.  She’ll always be judged as a whore and slut for using sex to gain notoriety and popularity.  Kim Kardashian (her family), Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna- set the standard for today’s impressionable, internet obsessed, youth.  It sure beats a 9 to 5. Girls hate Katt Stacks, and most accuse her of lacking hygiene.  However, NFL champions, Forbes rappers, and NBA ballers, are addicted to Kat’s sticky Hepatitis C, sex. What do you think?  Why are so many wealthy married men addicted to women like Kat Stacks?  Does your man take you for granted, and spend countless hours ‘away at work?’  Do girls like Kat Stacks empower women?  Is ‘whore’ the new definition of feminist?  Why are you struggling in your career, romance, and finances – while women like Kat live the good life?  Does Kat Stacks have two pussies?

Within this AllHipHop exclusive, Kat Stacks speaks on the bittersweet feelings associated with her former pimps. Also, after writing her book, Becoming Kat Stacks, she details how women in similar situations reach out to her for help. She now refers them to Children of the Night. Widely known for her illicit social media shenanigans, this mother breaks down how she plans to explain her past to her son.

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