Emma Roberts Fired #AHS

The room reeks with the stench of ‘entitlement’ when Emma Roberts walks in.  Cast members hate Ryan Murphy for hiring the bitch.  American Horror Story: Freak Show intimates real life in Hollyweird.  Evan Peters took a grade A ass whipping that forced him to suck Ryan’s cock for Emma’s slot.  Montreal police had to get SWAT to stop Roberts from beating Evan like Stephen Collins beat child molestation charges.  Now that she’s secured her Coven role, she’s tossing her forked up attitude around set like she owns it.

Emma Roberts

The abusive relationship between Maggie Esmerelda, and Jimmy Darling on American Horror Story: Freak Show is ruining the vibe when the cameras stop rolling.  Emma Roberts is spoiled, antisocial, and mean.  Rumors claim she chain smokes, and jitters through her lines.  Is Emma on cocaine?  Evan Peters had to beg for her job.  Ryan Murphy adores Emma’s acting, and he respects her  auntie Julia Roberts.  Murphy, however, was horrified at her snobby antics.  He grew sick of her rude behavior too.  Plus, Evan, and Emma are always either fighting, or being intimate during filming breaks.  Emma makes the environment unprofessional, and she treats Evan like a pig.

Evan Peters has been working with Freak Show all 3 seasons.  Emma pops up, and already she’s picked a fight with Gabourey Sidibe.   Jessica Lange almost slapped the bitch for trying to torture her with suggestions.  Evan promised Ryan, he’d keep Roberts ego in check.  Evan is devoted to working with his fiance, no matter how unstable she is.  More so, what’s wrong taking lathered showers with Ryan Murphy? That’s why Murphy gave Emma the new comedy series Scream Queens with Jamie Lee Curtis.  Now #AHS set is happy, Emma has a job, and Ryan Murphy still gets to shower with Evan.