Epic: Guns n Roses Back Together For Coachella

Guns N Roses notebook
Call this reunion what you want — cynical cash-in, celebration of musical resiliency or a nostalgia trip — but few rock returns have arrived with as much ballyhoo and drama as that of Guns N’ Roses.

Until last week’s surprise show at the Troubadour, it had been two decades since guitarist Slash and singer Axl Rose, the yin and yang of Guns N’ Roses’ incendiary classic lineup, last shared the stage. And fans had been hoping for, while betting against, such a reunion for nearly as long.
Now they’ll share the stage at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival along with founding member Duff McKagan, but it remains to be seen if a reassembled Guns N’ Roses can survive both weekends of the hipster convention, which opens April 15, intact.

After all, there’s a lot of baggage to consider and, with that, many questions.
Has Slash forgiven Rose for calling him “a cancer”?

Is Rose still “suffering an apparent attack of arrogance and ego,” in the words of a 2004 royalties suit filed by Slash and bassist McKagan?

Does Rose remain “no longer willing to acknowledge the contributions of his former partners and bandmates in having created some of rock’s greatest hits,” according to the same suit? Is Rose really touring with AC/DC, and what does that mean for new Guns N’ Roses music?
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