New Details About Diddy Drake Fight – Video

“You’ll Never Disrespect Me Again!” was the last thing Sean Combs yelled before knocking the FAWK out of Drizzy in a crowded night club.  Fans were stunned when we heard the news.  Was Drake simply pulling a Jedi Mind Trick to detract attention from Cash Money’s financial woes?  Remember Diddy got hoe checked when he tried to Revolt against 50 cent?  We thought Diddy was far to classy to reduce himself to a physical altercation with a dude his son’s age.  Diddy’s so busy acting, and pimping Ciroc, he had to dump Cassie.

Miami is way too Drizzy for us in December.  We contacted DJ Sam Sneak our damn selves to see what really cracked.  Drake smashed Karrueche Tran, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, and every stripper in the local Houston, Texas area.  Did Diddy have to punch that ninja for trying to holla at Cassie Ventura on the low low?

“Diddy put hands on that boy…and it ain’t go 0 to 100…That boy left.  He dislocated his shoulder.  Yall pray for Drake.”

Sam Sneak keeps Club Liv on fire.  He also deejays for Rick Ross.  He is a very credible witness with no reason to lie.  Diddy is a triple OG, so he knows hoes ain’t loyal.  He just was surprised to learn Drake was a hoe.  The beef  was about Sean’s #1 girl- music.

Boi-1Da started all this mess.  He gave 0 to 100 beat to both Diddy, and Drake.  Diddy was too busy consumed with chasing hoes, and pimping Brands.  He took his time, studied too long, and made love to the beat.  Aubrey treated the beat like an Instagram thot.  He banged in raw, ate it out, and put it out immediately.  The rest is history.  0 to 100 was one of the biggest songs EVER- so big, it earned a Grammy nod for Best Rap Performance AND Best Rap Song.  Before Drake snatched Diddy’s cool, he snatched his mic at a live performance.  Watch.