Fellow V Live Stripper Spills Tea on Miracle Watts – Just Nasty

DM Tip: Saw this on lipstickalley!! This miracle bitch is a fraud. Unfortunately I know this hoe because we both used strip at V Live club in Houston Texas. Being the nice person I am I let this homeless bitch stay at my crib. She never clean this dirty fishy menstrual blood rotten eggs halitosis bad breath bitch never wash her ass or brush her teeth. She has had abortions because she a prostitute and had the audacity to ask me to have a threesome for extra cash I was livid!!!! I cussed that bitch out. She will do anything for money and opens her legs to marry men. I saw the medication for the gonorrhea she ain't give a fuck she still went out and strip and told me she get high off coke to strip and prostitute.  Via Lipstickalley