Chris Brown Broke As A Joke

Chris Brown’s career hasn’t been Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles since he put them paws on Rihanna.  Karrueche Tran has become a star.  Breezy got fat, while scuffling between rehab, gangster parties, and jail.  Rihanna is Chris old girl, but also his, New Flame.  While his album is climbing the charts like his weight, his financial life is in ruins.

Chris Brown started by relinquishing his West Hollywood penthouse.  Brown pretended his neighbors noise complaints was why he left.  The home was nothing short of immaculate.  Why would Breezy ditch 4 bathrooms, an art studio for his graffiti, and a dual master suite most likely for his rap homie- Game?    Hollywood’s urban socialites claim Chris money is running dry.  His financial advisor warned Chris of his pending Skid Row status, and threatened him with stories of  Zac Efron, and Ed McMahon.   

Chris Brown still thinks he’s better than others, so he won’t listen to his mom, or advisers.  We know a THOT from Long Beach who Chris smashed in his house in Hollywood Hills.  The creepy artwork offended neighbors, but served as a landmark for dehydrated groupies.  She says Brown’s home was plastered with brightly colored, cartoon characters on the insides too!  Of course it included an art studio.  Chris Brown is not just a phenomenal singer, actor, and dancer- he can actually draw very well.  Thottie bragged about how Chris would beat her back in, on the home’s elevators, and staircases.  It was 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 3000 sq ft.  We say ‘was’ because his financial struggle forced him to sell it too.  He’ll miss that red tub, and glass shower.  Thottie was stoked by the saltwater pool, and spa illuminated with LED lights.  They used to watch nasty flicks on the outdoor projection screen.  Now Karrueche can’t even get hot near the fire pits, and wet on the stone waterfalls.  Chris Brown took the $1.7 million to pay his lawyers, and court fees.  He’ll buy a Grammy with the change.