Floyd Mayweather Beat Up Victor Ortiz Girlfriend

She had spit foaming from the corners of her mouth.  Her hair was dry,and matted.  Her neck was pasty, and chubby.  Her clothes were too little, and the soles of her heels cracked from over use.  She was boisterous, and loud.  Onlookers suspect she was both drunk, and high.  She sweat like a marathon winner.  Her makeup smeared from the Long Beach sun.  Her breath smelled like ass crackers.  Her fake breast greeted fans, because she forgot to wear a bra.  That didn’t stop Victor Ortiz from flaunting her as arm candy at a recent event in Hell – A.

LATimes recently sponsored Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.  Fans came from around the world to watch the Indy Car Series amongst weirdos, and palm trees.  Families excitedly filled the Convention Center since the tickets were free, and the rent is so high.  The Ocean Drive breeze spread laughter, and Kush smoke.  Everything was cracking…until former WBC Welterweight Champion, Victor Ortiz walked in with a date from hell.

Ortiz was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas. When he was only seven years old, Ortiz’s mother abandoned her family for a relationship with another man. Ortiz began boxing at the insistence of his father, an alcoholic who often beat his children after his wife fled responsibility.  In an interview, Victor said, “I hated that lady. I drew her a card once with a little rose on it and I gave it to her. She just threw it down and said ‘What do I want that shit for?’ That’s when I picked up boxing. Then my Dad started screwing up, drinking.”

Is that why the movie star boxer settled for such a crack thot to be his lady?  Fans wondered was she a prostitute?  We were super fried that Victor would socialize with a drunk lady, his moma’s age, despite his new role in South Paw.  Did Victor’s girlfriend get beat up by Floyd Mayweather Jr., like he did in 2011?

Hoop Jab

“Mayweather, you owe me dog. Lets give the people what they want. It should be me. I ain’t running. You owe me. Floyd, c’mon bro…unfinished business. That’s what it should be called as the title…unfinished business. You owe me bro, what’s up.”

Pretty Floyd refuses to fight Vic because his bitch is so ugly.