Fort Hood Sergeants Busted For Pimping

Gregory McQueen and Brag Grimes, Fort Hood military sergeants, are accused of pimping young ladies.  The head of Sexual Assault Prevention division allegedly set up a prostitution ring.  $100 could buy you a twerking good time.  Cash strapped female soldiers lusted after the married men, but when news broke, they pretended to be forced into it.  Pandering, abusive sexual contact, and conspiracy is just a few of over 20 charges thrown at the horny soldiers.  Both McQueen and Grimes remain on active booty- we mean duty.  Would you let a measly write up, and demotion stop you from getting paid?  More so, should the females involved be held accountable for distracting the U.S. army?  Did somebody catch feelings, and rat everybody out?