Frances Bean Cobain – Hollywood Rebel

Snorting a few lines, sipping a little gin, popping Molly, and smoking Kush is a typical Hollyweird night.  Why on earth did we assume Frances Bean Cobain could avoid the allure of the spotlight? Courtney Love’s baby is now 21.  Botox addicts claim she’s out of her head.  Frances is the only child of Nirvana’s claim to fame- the late Kurt Cobain.

Sooo hungover & hungry. Worst state to wake up in, ever. #death

Frances must have been super lit, because she jumped on social media bragging about drinking, smoking, and getting turnt up.  Initially everybody just felt she was going through a goth-mode.  Typical?  Just consider Kurt blew his own brains out when he was 27.  He lost a painful battle against hard-core showbiz drugs.  We won’t mention Courtney’s addiction to Adderall and coke is like a rat’s addiction to cheese.

Frances Bean’s friends, and family are worried sick.  It’s obvious The Rambles Isaiah Silva is using her for her last name and million dollar estate.  She’s got the grunge look, and even called Kendall Jenner a “Fu**ing idiot!”   Hopefully, she escapes the demons that haunted her mother and father.