Frenemy- Robert Forrester Stole Millions From Paul Newman

Paul Newman’s wife is so old, she has Jesus Christ in her year book.  Alzheimer’s has officially rot her brain.  She’s so disconnected from this world.  She has no recollection of the horrendous tragic 9/11 attack on the United States.  The Middle East oil wars have nothing on the bloody strife over Paul Newman’s $600 million dollar estate.  Robin Williams family isn’t the only WEIRD blood- suckers fighting over money they didn’t earn.

Paul Newman died way back in 2008, but Joanne Woodward probably hasn’t realized that either.  She has no idea of the back stabbing, and bickering happening in her family over all that cash.  It’s a tragedy.  Joanne is near death, just like The Rock’s hairline.  Her body is  deteriorating from a Beverly Hills posh lifestyle, and Kim Kardashian’s fame.  Her Westport, Connecticut mansion reaks of moth balls, and dried piss.

Susan Kendall Newman, Paul Newman’s oldest daughter, is demanding her cut of her daddy’s wealth.  She accused Robert Forrester (a trusted friend and co-executor) of swindling all the cake, and switching up the will.  Records prove the death will document was altered more than a dozen times, one suspiciously 6 months before Paul croaked.  Would Robert Forrester, Newman’s right hand man, bilk his best bud’s kids’ out of their rightful inheritance?  Are little children, ‘little’?

Susan spilled all the family tea to Vanity Fair.

“Whether my family will go public [with our complaints] or not, there isn’t a single living Newman who respects or has faith in Robert Forrester and his management of my father’s food company, Newman’s Own Foundation, or the continuation and protection of his legacy.”

“Some family members may be angry at me for speaking out,” says Susan. “But I feel like the Newman family has been taken hostage by Bob Forrester. I think Mr. Forrester has forgotten that it is a privilege and enormous responsibility for him to preside over my father’s legacy and carry out his wishes. He seems to be more interested in self-aggrandizement and lavish trappings. My father would never support many of the things he is doing.”