Is Future Smashing Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa – Divorce Drama

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Was Future Banging Scottie Pippen’s Wife? – blogged by: @eleven8- Earlier this week NBA legend #ScottiePippen filed for divorce from his wife, Larsa. The cause for divorce was unknown as the two were spotted at New York Fashion Week last month. Now, somehow Future’s name has gotten thrown into the mix. Apparently there were rumors that #Future and Larsa had been spotted together in #Miami a few times. Those rumors led to other rumors of Larsa and Future possibly dating behind Scottie Pippen’s back. Sources close to the two say that isn’t true. Larsa’s friends are saying that Larsa and Future have been cool for a long time and there’s nothing romantic going on between them. I’m not sure how long they’ve been cool but with Larsa being one of Kim K’s BFF’s, and Ciara, Future’s ex, being tight with Kim, it’s obvious they would have crossed paths at some point. Future’s pals are saying the same about Larsa, the two are just cool friends. They also say Future has so many women, he doesn’t need to mess with a married one. Sources close to Scottie Pippen say the former basketball player has been traveling a lot for business (mostly to Chicago) and Larsa felt the two were drifting apart. I guess the best way to nip the rumors in the bud is directly.

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