Teen Rape Murder 6 Year Old Girl – ‘Crazy Card’ Escape

Attention cool moms!  It’s very important to keep a close eye on your children.  Most are hurt by someone they trust.  The most unsuspecting confidant may be locking in on your baby.  Just ask the parents of 6 year old Jenise Wright.  Wright was a staple in her Bremerton, Washington, mobile home community.  She mysteriously vanished.  Things like kidnappings never happen here.  Authorities discovered a grizzly scene a week later.  The 6 year old Disney princess was found raped, and murdered in a wooded area.

Gabriel Gaeta ruined this child’s future.  He’s just 17 years old, but a sadist, no doubt.  Kitsap County Superior Court has never met anyone so young, and devilish.  What’s really sad- he’s the family’s neighbor, from the same mobile home park community.  While Wright’s family mourns, they also have the hefty duty of finding another place to stay.  Meanwhile, Gabe is awaiting a doctor’s excuse for rape, and murder.  Yep, you guessed it.  He’s playing the crazy card.  Gaeta should have told his parents he was being molested.  Where else would a 17 year old kid develop such twisted fantasies?  Now that’s what’s ‘crazy’.  We shouldn’t try, and determine if Gabe is competent or not.  We should find out who was molesting him.