Gabrielle Union Stupid ?

Gabrielle Union is one thirsty sister.  Sure successful black men are very hard to come by, but Dwyane Wade is ruining her image.  The baby mama drama is too hot too handle.  We won’t mention Wade’s newborn kid and Becky groupies.  Siovaughn Wade is scorn.  New court documents reveal Siovaughn’s  claims of being abused, and getting an STD from the Miami Heat star.

I had known that Dwyane Wade had a temper and could become violent at times, but when we moved out of my mother’s home … into our own apartment with our infant son, the violence increased. This, however, was just the surface of the domestic violence Dwayne Wade would inflict upon me.

As Dwyane Wade’s income increased his arrogance and pride increased as well.Dwyane Wade began to call me derogatory names more, throw things at me, hit me, take all my money from me, and even kicked me out of the house causing me not to have a place to live. … As a means of controlling me, and as part of Dwyane Wade’s domestic violence pattern, he would often hit me, lock me in rooms and not allow me out, threaten to take my sons from me and frighten me by telling me he knows judges and that they are on his pay roll and he can take the children from me at any time he wanted. The domestic violence and abuse continued on for several years in our family.

He picked up a garbage can made of marble stone and threw it at me. Dwyane Wadepicked me up into the air above his head and slammed me down onto a large ottoman with such force that the ottoman broke into pieces when he slammed my body on it and banged my head against a marble bathroom floor.

Subsequently, I ended up having to be rushed to the emergency room of Christ Hospital and spent an entire week hospitalized.

I tried to leave Dwyane Wade, but when I did, he made sure I did not have access to my own home and he cut off all my bankcards and denied me access to any money. This exerting of power and control has continued to this day.

This story sounds painfully similar to Steve Harvey’s, and Kevin Hart’s.  Gabby really loves private jets, and having a bevy of celebrity friends.  Does she really trust Dwyane?  Or is Union just playing this Hollywood game moving up the ranks?