Game Sexy Assistant Lolo In Her Feelings For The Holidays – He Back On Family Man Mode

Tiffney Cambridge knew he’d be back.  It’s the holidays, so Jayceon is feeling super family- ish.  He won a Humanatarian Award, and Cali Dream was a pretty pilgrim in her school’s Thanksgiving performance.  Game even allowed his kids to sit in A-list floor seats at the  Staples Center’s Lakers vs. Clippers game.  Tiff is trying to move on, but Jayceon Taylor keeps creating excuses to reconnect.  India Westbrooks, and Hollyweird’s thickest thots, were a sweet distraction from his Marrying the Game showmance.

Game assistant, LeauXsteez, wound up with the short end of the bargain.  She let Game smash, and encouraged him to smash India.  Lolo gained cool points, a few followers, and a raise.  Game assistant lost his trust, and respect in the meantime.  The relationship is back platonic.  Lolo is back flexin on Instagram.  Since she’s single, and has a little cheddar- don’t think she doesn’t possess a degree from Cal State Northridge.  Tiff a Trojan tho…

‘catchin feelings never stumble…retracing my steps…. she cried on social media.