California Drought Solution – Arrowhead Drinking Water – Video

We will continue drowning our grass, and we refuse to fix our leaky faucets.  Crystal Geyser, Sparkletts, and Arrowhead drinking water all come from Cali.  Hollyweird supplies water to over 70% of the world, including China.  There is no drought.  Show business elitist are using the drought scare to remind outsiders not to visit unless they’re rich.  The water is for sale.  A 700 square foot apartment here cost a cool $1000 per month, and you have to pay to park at restaurants.  We’re here wearing Gucci from Goodwill, while executives  convince us to starve our natural resources.

David Noble Smith sold Arrowhead Water to Nestle long ago.  Here are the natural God given springs that generate fresh water Arrowhead sells for profit:


Coyote Springs, Inyo County, CA
White Meadow Spring, El Dorado County, CA
Lukens Springs, Placer County, CA
Sopiago Springs, El Dorado County, CA
Sugar Pine Springs, Tuolumne County, CA
Arcadia Springs, Napa County, CA

Southern Pacific Springs, Riverside County, CA
Arrowhead Springs, San Bernardino County, CA
Long Point Ranch Springs, Running Springs, CA
Palomar Mountain Granite Springs (PMGS), Palomar, CA
Deer Canyon Springs, San Bernardino County, CA

Desert Sun agrees:

“Why is it possible to take water from a drought area, bottle it and sell it?” asked Linda Ivey, a Palm Desert real estate appraiser who said she wonders about the plant’s use of water every time she drives past it on Interstate 10.

“It’s hard to know how much is being taken,” Ivey said. “We’ve got to protect what little water supply we have.”

Californians pay an additional state tax for the kush, Kardashians, and weather.  Should weirdos be obligated to buy drinking water?  Gardena, a Hell A suburb, has black water coming out the taps.  Watch Below.