George Clooney Jennifer Aniston Dinner Date

George Clooney, and Brad Pitt- battle of the mitches.  Clooney is pissed Brad didn’t attempt to be a wedding guest.  Amal Alamuddin stepped in dog doo- doo.  Brad, and Angelina Jolie have been acting extremely snobby.  Angie despises Clooney’s  poochie  hounding ways.  She knows he’s just married Amal for a chance at a white house gig.  Clooney still hasn’t met Brangelina’s twins.

Brad is worried grey with those bad ass kids, but Clooney won’t excuse the wedding diss.  He’s still friends with Jennifer Aniston you know?  Justin Theroux leaked dinner date plans to his tanning specialist, who told his botox buddy.  Clooney was so appalled by Pitt’s ceremony absence, and thoughtless wedding present.  George, and Amal invited Jen & Justin to dinner on his luxurious yacht.  He never publicly acknowledged his Aniston showmance, out of loyalty to Pitt.  George feels like this is the perfect time to introduce his old friend to his new wife.