Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady Divorce Drama! Ben Affleck Nanny Christine Ouzounian #TheHusbandSnatcher

We initially blamed Gisele Bundchen’s modeling retirement on the Kendall Jenner takeover.  When Tom Brady decided to sell their mega mansion in Brentwood, weirdos started suspecting divorce.  Gisele is considered one of the most beautiful people in the world, but she has insecurities like everyone else.  She thought having Tom’s kids would tame his wild ways.  Tom’s first baby moma, Bridget Moynahan, may have dodged a bullet.

Tom Brady is focused on the NFL, and Gisele is trying desperately to save her marriage.  We heard they fight about everything all the time.  Gisele even spent cash on a $300 per hour psychic to predict the divorce split in a crystal ball.  Top model goddess, Gisele Bundchen, is so popular, she went to get breast implants wearing a burka in France.  Fake titts weren’t enough to sway Brady away from his football life.  His teammates are like family, and they HATE Gisele.  They tell him she’s too controlling.  When DeflateGate happened, the drama intensified. Bundchen was humiliated beyond repair.

All Tom Brady’s wife does is bitch, and complain.  Fans question his true talent and Super Bowl Championship validity.  Tom is spending less and less time at home- and more and more time with friends like Ben Affleck.  Gisele doesn’t trust their friendship.

“She heard too much about Ben’s womanizing and demanded that Tom stop hanging out with him, which drove Tom to see him more often,” according to Star Magazine.

Awkward: Brady let Affleck and Ouzounian, 28, ride on his jet to Las Vegas in June. The athlete also let the pretty blonde try on his Super Bowl rings; it is not known what could upset the model over this incident

Ben ruined his family when he was caught sleeping with nanny, Christine Ouzounian.  He has no regard or respect for his family.  He still sees Christine despite his impending divorce from Jennifer Garner.  It drove Gisele Bundchen crazy when Christine Ouzounian posted a photo on social media of herself wearing Tom’s 4 Super Bowl rings.  The home wrecker was flying on a private jet with Ben and Tom to Las Vegas.  Do you think Gisele is letting her insecurities eat her alive?  Or, is Ben dangling the bachelor lifestyle to encourage Tom to divorce?