Glen Campbell Too Weak To Even Speak And Dying Alone

Kim, and her daughter Ashley can’t wait for Glen Campbell to die.  Hollyweird claims she’s spending money recklessly. Glen is rotting away in a senior living apartment, tucked securely away from his fans and own children.  The Rhinestone Cowboy has lost his ability to speak, or hold conversation.  Doctors blame it on stage 7 Alzheimer’s, and old age.  We blame it on heartbreak.  Who puts their wealthy husband in a Nashville nut- ward to die?  The Grand Ole Opry questions Kim Campbell’s integrity. Certainly the Witchita Lineman has enough room in his mega mansion, and cash for a home healthcare nurse.  Glen’s kids think Kim is unbelievable cruel.  She’s restricted his children from visiting.  Now Glen is mute except for occasional muttering.  There is no telling the God awful abuse Glen must endure.  Glen Campbell  can neither speak, or express his emotions.  His health is determined by his money, not unconditional love.  Hopefully the hospital has a hospice unit.  Will Kim Campbell leave her devoted sugar daddy to die alone in silence?