Draya Ex – Grace Chavez Secret Baby With Married A List Rapper

Grace Chavez, a known Hollyweird hoe-  just dropped a seed fathered by a West Coast rapper.  Grace joins Blac Chyna, Christina Milan, Emily B, and Nivea, in the video vixen, rapper baby moma crew.  Grace Chavez is actually Draya Michele’s ex lesbian lover.  She’s been grinding behind the scenes for years, smacking hip hop moguls’ balls.  Now she’s officially ‘made it’.  Chavez has an A- List baby daddy with so much cash, he just raps for fun.  Who cares if he’s married?

We should have never believed Snoop when he claimed to have ‘no love for hoes’.  Now fans have further reason to question his bisexuality.  Grace Chavez is telling everybody from Long Beach to North Hollywood- Snoop Dogg is her baby’s daddy.  We heard Grace has been Snoop’s mistress for years.  She’s had abortions in the past, and nearly snatched Calvin Broadus from his childhood wife.  Shante Broadus convinced Snoop to stay after their daughter was diagnosed with Lupus.  Grace says Snoop loves her.