Griffin Dunne Suffering From Success – The Discoverers

We thought having a boatload of money, and a Hollyweird last name made life perfect.  Fierce People and The Accidental Husband flopped. The Duke of Grooves got an Oscar nomination, but “nothing feels like it comes easy” according to weird baby, Griffin Dunne.    

“It was a really dark period in his life, said Griffin Dunne, of his father Dominick Dunne.   “He told a really bad joke, and it ended up in the Los Angeles Times, I think, in a gossip column. He was drunk when he said whatever it was. Somebody who ran Paramount then — not Bob Evans — said you’re over. That it’s for you. You’re out.”

Hollywood black listed his daddy.  Soon, his father was broke and unemployed. “He sold everything,” said Dunne. “He had a fire sale. He got into the car that he had and directionlessly drove up the coast without any destination in mind.  The car broke down in Sisters. There within eye distance was a motel, and that’s where he lived for almost a year.”

And now more than 30 years later, Dunne was in Sisters filming #TheDiscoverers.   “Here I am on the cliff where I am sure he was. It is one of the most stunning settings you can imagine.”

After Dominick left the motel, and became successful,  the owners named the cabin after him. “So I have the sign that says ‘The Dominick Dunne Cabin,’ they sent it to me after he died.”- LATimes