Guess Who Ariana Grande Letting Smash Them Baby Cakes?

Guess who Ariana Grande letting smash?  We wonder who’s been chopping her tiny ungrateful cakes to smithereens.  Big Sean couldn’t compete against the industry’s opinion.  Fans and studio executives didn’t feel he was popular enough.  The 10+ year age difference was often scrutinized too.

Messy ass Scooter Braun had everything to do with hooking Miss. Grande up with Empire’s own, Yazz the Greatest!  Bryshere Y. Gray is one lucky man.  Million dollar poochie, AND a hit TV show.  He must have a praying grand-moma.

Yazz is musically talented, and hotter than a Cali cook out.  How long do you think this showmance will actually last?  Do they make a hot couple, or nah?