Gwen Stefani Turns Her Addiction Into A New Business

We all have awful bad habits.  Some are addicted to social media.  Lots of women are addicted to shopping.  Gwen Stefani has plenty of designer clothes, so she’s addicted to acupuncture.  Every time photographers spot the blonde beauty, No Doubt, she coming IN or OUT of Jesun Acupunture Clinic in’Hell A’.  It started as a way to reduce stress during pregnancy.  Insiders claim Gwen gets pricked more than she eats.  She is glued to the Asian discipline.  Gossip reports suggest a business development. Miss Maria told everyone in the nanny crew.  They claim Gwen likes Acupuncture, like MJ loved Propofol.

We’re wondering.  Gwen Stefani was unable to reignite her singing career.  Her LAMB clothes cater to rich Orange County Girls, but they’re all foreclosed, and unemployed.  Interscope gave Stefani  The Voice job.  Should Gwen open her own A – List Acupuncture shop.  Gavin Rossdale can run it.  He doesn’t have a job, or career.  The A- List Acupuncture will keep him from forking the nannies while Gwen is working.  Or nah?