Gwyneth Paltrow Drops $21,000 A Month On Beauty Treatments

Embrace the New Year  by accepting your flaws.  Stop comparing yourself to Hollyweird thots.  California women aren’t more beautiful than you.  Spending a gazillion dollars on glamour is the secret.

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The Iron Man star spoils herself with weekly facials and holistic treatments, according to the Daily Mail. Plus, she also pays for services of a hair stylist and make up artist for her public appearances.

Gwyneth treats herself to Reiki stress reduction 90-minute massages once a month, which costs her around $288. She also frequents the Be Hive of Healing center in Los Angeles for intravenous vitamin therapy along with a lymphatic massage to release toxins, costing her around $650. Her weekly facials are important to her too! The actress visits Sonya Dakar in Los Angeles for a weekly apple stem cell facial for $465 a session.

The mother of two (Gwyneth Paltrow) also receives Thermage laser treatment on her face, brows, and neck twice a year, costing around $26,000, along with a yearly microdermabrasion, electronic muscle stimulation and oxygen-mist treatment.- HollywoodLife thinks Gwen is gorgeous, but she ain’t even all that.