Harrison Ford Diss Handicap Community – Video

Harrison Ford is hobbling around London on this space aged crutch.  The crutch is state of the art, and looks like a prop from the Star Wars franchise.  Han Solo crushed his wittle leg when a chunk of the Millennium Falcon space ship fell and crashed on him.  Ford was a wee bit too hype as he prepares for Episode VII.  Granted, Harrison did need minor surgery.  Is it totally necessary to hop around town using this super bionic prosthetic crutch?  Or is this just a way for Harrison to flaunt his prestige and wealth?

There are millions of handicap people who really need an advanced prosthetic like this.  Ford just has a sore leg, but raked out thousands to have the coolest peg leg in town.  Afterall, he can’t be too hurt.  He’s insistent on completing his own stunts, as brittle as he is.

“I keep coming back for more.  If it doesn’t look natural on the screen, then an audience does not believe what it sees.  Although I do my own running, jumping, and falling, I always try to keep myself from being hurt.  I know what will work, and what won’t.”

Yes, but does he know what will twerk, and what won’t?  Ford has been wealthy for so long he’s forgotten about the struggle of us regular people.  Will Harrison do the right thing, and donate the leg to someone who needs it more?  Take for example this one legged twerker in the video below (head straight for the 0.50 mark).