Has Fame Ruined Rebel Wilson – Super Fun Night

Rebel Wilson is turning the set of her new show, Super Fun Night, in to a hell hole.  The problem is, she also writes, and produces the show.  She’s not just fat, she’s a fat Beeyotch, and ABC loves her.  Rebel is too big for television, and has made no secret of her quest to become a movie star.

Wilson is bursting with talent, but she treats her co-stars, Lauren Ash and Liza Lapira, like a mangy dog’s doo-doo.  Rebel’s ego is out of control.  A ‘weirdo’ exclusively spoke with National Enquirer.

“Rebel can be a bitch, and she’s already manged to completely alienate Liza and Lauren.”  What really puzzles the cast and crew is she stays ‘in character’ through the entire day.  “She completely drops her Australian accent whenever she’s on the lot.    She speaks like an American, and insist she be addressed as ‘Kimmie’ at all times.”

Rebel constantly fuels flames by reassigning lines, and doing spontaneous last-minute changes to the dialogue.  Everyone on set secretly hates her.  When the cast threatened to quit, she did not even pretend to give a damn. “Don’t bother.  I’m the boss.  I’ll have you fired.”

Would someone kindly tell Rebel Wilson, this isn’t Australia.  We don’t care how funny she is, or how many heavy hitters she slept with.   She’s okay, but not large enough to just go throwing her weight around Hollyweird…yet.