#SkullsOnFire Hasselhoff Hustle – Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Joins Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

It’s great to see a celebrity kid do something righteous with their lives.  Taylor- Ann Hasselhoff is David’s oldest daughter with ex-wife, Pamela Bach.  She’s not snorting her life away like Chet Hanx, or worshiping the devil like Chance Hogan.  Skulls on Fire is the brainchild of Taylor- Ann, since the Jenners have the ‘hoe’ game on lock.

Taylor – Ann showcased her new jewelry line at a Hollyweird tradeshow, and fans raved.  The jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings for both men and women.  She’s also into music and film.  David Hasselhoff is shaken by her decision to join Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.  Will Daddy and daughter’s egos Collide?  Does Taylor- Ann have potential star quality, or just a ‘token’ last name?

Skulls on Fire is just a smidgen of what Taylor – Ann Hasselhoff has popping off. Visit SkullsOnFireJewelry.com, and Don’t Hassel the Hoffs