Help Us Find Relisha Rudd

Relisha Rudd has been missing for over 8 months.  She has family that’s begging for any information, and tips leading to her safe return.


The nightmare started in March, when police say Relisha was with Kahlil Tatum, the janitor at DC General where Relisha and her family had been living. Relisha’s mother says she asked Tatum to take care of her daughter. Police say video taken from the Holiday Inn on Bladensburg Road was the last time Relisha was seen alive, with Tatum.

It would be weeks before anyone noticed Relisha was gone. Only then did D.C. police launch an investigation into the disappearance of Relisha, a massive manhunt and countless searches for the girl would follow.

Kahlil, the suspected abductor, mysteriously shot his wife, and killed himself.