Here’s Why American Red Cross Collected $500 Million To Build Just 6 Homes In Haiti

The Haitian Revolution shook the United States worst than Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy. In June of 1793, Haitian people led by Toussaint L’Ouverture, overthrew the French colonial rule and decided to become  independent. It made the neighboring, United States feel threatened.  Slaves were able to peep the growing tension among the white-right colonists and themselves. They realized that they would need to seek an opportunity to stop the abuse, rape, and mistreatment. With the courage of Kaitlyn Jenner, they turnt up and revolted.


The Haitian Revolution of instilled terror in the white man.  They weren’t afraid for their lives, they were afraid of it affecting their wealth. George Washington quickly realized that the Haitian revolution had the potential to encourage ninjas in the United States.  Southern Slaveholders, like Ben Affleck’s grandpa, feared that the slave revolution might spread from the island of Hispaniola to the slave plantations in the South. They were frightened that the African people who they’d ripped from their homes, would copy cat the Haitian Revolution, and fight back. The primary focus of the US was to maintain social order, just like it is today.   Haitians were the only ones who tried to fight back.

Conspiracy theorist feel scientist allowed the disastrous Haiti earthquake that killed millions of black people.  Just like the levy in Lousiana’s Hurricane Katrina, Time Magazine broke the news.

The American Red Cross raised more than half a billion dollars to bring relief to Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake there, but it grossly overstated what the money bought.

Although the organization claimed to have provided housing to more than 130,000 people, it actually only built six permanent homes, according to a report by ProPublica and NPR