Here’s Why The Voice Threatened To Fire Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is more known for her smashing good looks, than her music.  Big wig honchos at Interscope Records pulled a few strings that landed her The Voice gig.  Stefani has proved a fan favorite, and great mentor.  The Voice is giving the winner $100k cash, and a music contract.  Unfortunately, they may be forced to give  Stefani the axe.  Her glamour expense per month is more than the grand prize.

Stefani’s makeup is applied by Francesca Tolot, or Gregory Arlt.  Although Gwen doesn’t do a smidgen of Queen B’s numbers, she feels it’s necessary to hire Beyonce’s makeup artist.  Tolot convinced her to alternate her signature bright red pout, with soft corals.  3 kids prove her ‘head’ game.  No need for extra attention on her pistol peckers.  Arlt is trying to imitate Sharon Tate with the triple layered big lashes, and pale lip look.

Despite Gwen’s signature swag, and 3 clothing lines, Petra Flannery is her stylist.  Amy Adams, and Emma Stone were appalled to discover Petra working with Gwen on The Voice.  “Who wants to be associated with reality  TV?” the A-listers quipped.

“Styling for TV is new for me and for her,” Flannery complained to LATimes.  “It’s not just about Gwen the performer, it’s about Gwen the personality, showing her as a mentor, which is something she’s really passionate about.”

Danilo still does her hair after over 15 years.  He’s why she’s bald without weave.  Danilo conveniently charges Stefani $1000.00 per hour, since The Voice is copping the bill anyway.

“Gwen always says she’s like a real-life Barbie doll, and it’s true,” he said with an empty laugh. “But you know, she’s also the mother of three, a wife, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and a rock star, which is very inspiring. She can’t just show up looking like the boys do — she has to be glamorous. And I want her to be the prettiest girl on the stage.”

The Voice producers understand she has to bring more than jeans, and T-shirts.  Adam Levine, Blake the snake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams, are seemingly more focused on the task they were hired for.  We love Gwen Stefani, but her star appeal does not garner a million dollar style team.  She hasn’t had a hit since J-Lo was On The 6.  Rumors claim executives have silently met with Stefani to re- budget her swag expense…or else.