Hillary Clinton Wore A Secret Earpiece During First Presidential Debate – Photo

clinton earpiece

Mixed emotions litter Santa Monica’s bars, and nobody can decide who won the first Presidential Debate.  Fans poked fun at Donald  Trump’s runny nose, and accused him of sniffing Charlie Sheen to boost his ego.  Hillary Clinton was blasted for her career as a politician, but judged for making little changes to our nation’s economy and social injustice.  The debate reminded most citizens that we have limited options.  We must choose between a murderer and pedophile.

Social media (hey Black Twitter!) peeped how debate video showed a wire running down Hillary Clinton’s back. Leaked images prove that the Secretary of State wore a secret earpiece during the first presidential debate. We would love to know who was at the other end feeding Clinton answers? Bill was sitting in the audience.  Who will you vote for?