Holiday Message From Slain Officer Ricardo Ricky Galvez

Hollyweird was stunned with news of slain officer Ricardo Ricky Galvez.  We were forced to ride our Pacific waves in the gloom of his untimely death.   Locals painted him a perfect officer with an infectious smile.  Young punks took his life in a botched robbery.  We’re thinking of his family, this holiday season.

KTLA– Galvez, a five-year veteran of the police force and former U.S. Marine, had just returned from an off-site training shift when sheriff’s officials say Diaz and Knott approached him Wednesday night.

“It looks like these guys were out looking for somebody to rob,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. John Corina said the following day.

During the attempted robbery, Galvez was fatally shot and the two suspects fled in a vehicle driven by Alvarez, according to sheriff’s officials.

Investigators do not believe the three knew they were near the Downey Police Department station or that Galvez, who was in plainclothes and sitting in his personal vehicle, was an officer.-

We came across one of Officer Galvez last Facebook posts.  It’s tattooed in our brains.  It’s a perfect message for the holiday:

The other night I came across a woman who touched my heart.  During a traffic stop, she was stopped for expired registration.  As I asked for her information, she told me the reason she had not been able to pay for her registration was because her husband had recently passed away.  As we talked, I could see her eyes were watery and she had a knot in her throat and wanted to break down and cry.  She said that every since her husband passed, her financial situation has worsened and the bills keep piling up.  I tried to reassure her and make her feel a little more comfortable.    She thanked me, and I let her go with a warning.

So today I walked into the the Auto AAA Club and paid for her expired registration.  It was $166.

I’m sharing this story with everyone, not for recognition or anything.  But to be thankful for what you have and if you have a little more than others, share with people.  I am blessed and this lady touched my heart so I wanted to give something in return by helping her.  We spend money on partying items and expensive dinners.  Why not help someone that needs help and does not have the luxury.  It’s always better to give than receive.  Hope you can share what you have with others too.  God Bless!!

Officer Ricky Galvez