@HollyweirdTimes Replaces Necole Bitchie #LipStickAlley

Necole Kane AKA Necole Bitchie started in 2008, but says she stopped enjoying blogging since 2011

– She has thought about leaving the blogging word for 3-4 years …She says since 2011 [Funny because that’s when it started falling off and making all those ‘who am I?’ posts]
– She started getting emotional saying that she had thought about leaving it behind for so long etc.
– She felt dissapointed in herself because she always preached to young women that they should leave a relationship which doesn’t treat them well, they should leave and they deserve better…she say this is what happened to her with blogging but she stayed in the ‘unhappy relationship’
– She states that she knew that Celebrity gossip ‘wasn’t her lane’ 4 years ago and so she was a big contradiction; she was trying to inspire people to live their dreams but she was herself, afraid to move on from somethign she had long since stopped loving doing
– She stayed in it because it made good money but she wasn’t completely happy

– Necole says that the positive stuff her site did i.e sending a reader to college through crowdsourcing- that made her proud
– Sadly this is overshadowed by who’s cheating on who stories etc. not the positive things the blog posted
– This was one of the reasons she fell out of love with blogging
– Necole says she wants to be an inspiration to young women; she noted that she was struggling in recent years to get on Red Carpets for things like Black Girls Rock- that’s what she wanted her brand to be about…when she saw her brand straying from that that is when she thought she ight have to change her path

– Necole sad she chose to do this now because of ‘a lot of personal stuff behind the scenes’
– Necole moved to Arizona in September.
– Moving made her allowed her to be Necole again, and not the character ”Necole Bitchie’
– She says she doesn’t consider herself an enetrtainer and she felt she was having to put on a persona
– She was inspired by the owner of Concrete Loop when she quit when she was tire of it. She also mentioned Freshalina of Crunk and Disoderly
– She didn’t let anyone know she was a huge internet sensation’ in Arizona

– She acknowleges that nowadays the Celebrity News is everywhere i,e Instagram, Twitter
– She says that she left teh site at the height of it’s traffic, says it was not on the decline

Anyways, the interviewer sounded really DUMB and seemd like she was falling aleep at the end and the rest was a LOAD of rambling and it doesn’t sound like she has an exit strategy – Thanks LipStickAlley


Necole also posted her exit on her website. Read it Here>>>>