Hollywood Reject – Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin is regretful he didn’t take the pay cut Live offered him in 2011.  Hollywood is no faithful girlfriend- ask Jay Leno.  Philbin planned to bounce back, and show Hollywood they’d made a mistake.  The Crowd Goes Wild, but only if we’re on Pills & Potions.  Michael Strahan superseded showbiz expectations.  Live soared to new heights, and attracted a twerkier audience.  Apparently, when the gap-toothed success monster isn’t smashing Eddie Murphy’s ex, he’s kissing ass on the set of Good Morning America.  


The normally upbeat and positive Phil, is feeling lower than Robert Kardashian.  He’s old news.  The A-list star has been replaced with people like V. Stiviano.   His health is failing, his house stinks, and nobody calls anymore- not even Kelly Ripa.  The show offers aren’t rolling in like he’d hoped.  We won’t mention his hip replacement, or triple bypass.  Rumors claim Fox will end his contract soon.  GMA never offered Regis a slot.  Strahan gets invited to all of New York’s social events, while Regis wife, Joy, has become addicted to vibrators.