Hollywood Movie Based Off Angelika Graswald Vincent Viafore Kayak Murder

Angelika Graswald is lucky to be young, white, and blonde.  She will not serve much time in jail for pushing her fiancee, Vincent Viafore, in the Hudson River, and killing him.  Prosecutors  say Angelika lured Vincent out for a little romance on one of their typical kayaking trips.  The thoughtful Thot then removed a plug from her boyfriend’s boat, causing it to take in water.  She kicked a paddle out of his reach, as he struggled to survive.  Angelika laughed hysterically as the river swallowed him, just like the smoked ribs he was known for grilling.

Angelika Graswald is from Latvia.  Did her American Dream include murder?  She stood to gain a quarter million from Vincent Viafore’s life insurance.  She wasn’t arrested immediately, but then her explanation was diluted with inconsistencies.  She went on record admitting tampering with Viafore’s kayak. Attorney Richard Portale is testing her #WhitePrivilege by blaming it all on a ‘language barrier.’

“Even if she doesn’t understand what you’re saying, she’ll answer it in an affirmative tone,” Portale said of Graswald, who came to the United States when she was 20. You think you’re communicating effectively, but you’re really not. She’s not getting what you’re saying.”

Prosecutors said  Graswald told investigators that “it felt good” knowing her boyfriend of more than three years would die because she wanted out of the relationship. She felt trapped, and it was her only way out,” according to LATimes.

Casey Anthony escaped jail, why can’t Graswald?  She’s just too pretty to murder anyone.  Not only is Angelika getting out of jail, her story will be transformed into  a made for tv movie!  No Lie!

An American Tragedy is a spooky book based off an eerliy similar murder mystery.  Chester Gillette romanced Grace Brown on Moose Lake (NYC) over 100 years ago.  Brown came up dead.  Chester blamed it on suicide, but got the electric chair anyway.  Afterall, ‘Angel’ waited forever to call the cops.  The book became a movie, A Place In the Sun.