Hollywood vs Interns

Somebody grew tired of being bullied, and sexually assaulted for free!  Watching Tinseltown’s ungrateful executives throw away caviar, and complain to their therapist is a nuisance, we agree.  While you may give your life to work on a movie set, some entitled brat, with no experience and a bunch of education, decided to mess things up for everyone:

 A class action by former interns on the 2010 film “Black Swan” could radically change the industry’s reliance on unpaid neophytes. The suit seeks back pay, damages and an order barring use of unpaid interns at Fox Searchlight Pictures and other units of Fox Entertainment Group.

A legal victory for the plaintiffs “would bring to a halt the many unpaid internships that offer real value to participants, giving them experiences and opportunities they would not otherwise receive,” lawyers for Fox Searchlight said in a March 28 filing. –LA Times