Grammy Scandal! How did #MeghanTrainor and her song #AllAboutThatBass make it to LA Reid? WHAT DOES SHE LOOK LIKE?

Hollyweird is a superficial business based on 1% talent, and 99% good looks.  Your skin has to be tougher than Blue Ivy’s hair to ever ‘make it’.   We aren’t saying that Meghan Trainor isn’t talented, but weirdos are questioning her Grammy nomination.  Do you notice how every top entertainer’s looks gradually change over time?  Why does so many naturally gorgeous celebrities opt for plastic surgery?  The world is filled with magnificent, talented, artist trying desperately to get discovered.  Every hometown beauty queen is here twerking her jelly.  Meghan is young, white, skinny, and blonde.  Are your looks ‘marketable’ by industry’s standards?  Meghan Trainor can sing, but can she SANG?  Watch this industry executive admit (0:50) that while Trainor’s voice is impeccable, L. A. Reid questioned how she ‘looked’.