How Did Remy Ma Get Out So Early? Photo – Video

Remy Ma has been rapping awhile, but Investigation Discovery’s tales of sex, lies, and money, made her a household name.  Frenemies made Remy look ratchet.  She told Angie Martinez she was shocked by her husband’s loyalty.  Papoose was quick to express his outrage!  “That fake story on the ID channel about #TheQueen @freeremyma and myself is totally #false #thingspeopledoformoney Television (Tell Lie Vision),” exclaimed Papoose.  Don’t you wish your man was this loyal?

Now we all know if Remy Ma was your average sister from the hood who attempted to murder her rival, she’d be up sh*t creek without a paddle.  Remy Ma was well behaved and all, but you have to know it was deeper than that.  The music industry plans to prophet off Remy’s struggle.  She’s doing a reality show!

“They’re making me do it. I keep telling them ‘No! It’s too real!’” she told Martinez. “They don’t want to listen to me. It’s happening, but it’s about my career and me leaving here.”  Who is the ‘they’ she’s referring to?  Either way, Papoose is a real ass dude.  Let’s just hope fame doesn’t ruin this Love & Hip Hop.

Watch Papoose describe love, and loyalty in this underground classic below.