How To Legally Sell Weed

You want another reason  to hate Hollywood?  Did we tell you California actually hosted a Marijuana Farmer’s Market?  So while you sit waiting on your local pot dealer to deliver, Angelenos waste no time getting wasted.  The DEA is struggling to decide whether they should legalize weed.  Lawmakers are too stoned to admit that individual states are rewriting the federal law.

Weed-maps, is like a Yelp for stoners.  It claims mobile marijuana business is the new gold rush.   SpeedWeed will deliver a fat sack of strawberry Kush in less than an hour.  AJ Gentile noticed how politicians were increasing fees, enforcing fines, and threatening all California’s weed dispensaries.  He, and countless others, were stuck with pounds of Girl Scout Cookie Kush.  Gentile studied the operation manual for Dominoes, and Fed Ex.  Now, he caters to Hollyweird’s richest crew members.  He even gives stars a ride from LAX, and weed gummies with their purchase.

State marijuana laws don’t mention deliveries.  Gentile pays a business tax for SpeedWeed, and is operating  LEGALLY under Proposition D.  He services all LA County, and half of  OC.  Why risk catching a criminal case, in middle America, for trying to feed your family?  Head west.  It’s just weed…